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Department of Computer Engineering

Er. Sanjay Koul (HOD)
B. E. (Comp. Sc. & Engg.)
Recent advancements, in the areas of Computers and Information Technology, has made Computer based tools and techniques available to us. In this high-tech era, Computer is something without which individuals cannot survive and their success depends on their ability to accurately use Computers. In the recent years, the world has seen the area of Computers and Information technology rapidly growing. Dynamic analysing behaviour of these Information giants is evolving plethora of information, which is being applied towards the developmental activities.

The Department of Computer Engineering was started in 2012 to serve the growing need of Computer specialized manpower. The Department started functioning and admitted the first batch of Diploma in Computer Engineering in the year 2012.

Objectives - The primary objective of the Department is to impart a high level of professional education and practical training at par with the International Standards of Computer Science.

Employment Opportunities and Job/ Activity Profile for Diploma Holders in Computer Engineering

Employment Opportunities - Diploma holders in computer engineering can find employment in following divisions:

  1. Service Division (IT enabled services, maintenance service and installation of computers)
  2. Assembly and Quality Control Division
  3. Marketing Division( Corporate Handling, SME, Institutional Segment, Government Tender Business)
  4. Telecommunication Sector
  5. Teaching Organizations (Polytechnics, Vocational Institutions etc)
  6. Networking( LAN, WAN etc)
  7. Defence services
  8. Call Centres, BPO etc.

While in Employment, the following areas of activity in different organisations (industry and service sector) are visualized for diploma holders in Computer Engineering:

  • Assembly and Installation of computer systems, peripherals and software
  • Programming customer based applications including web page designing, Testing and Maintenance of computer systems
  • Marketing of software and hardware
  • Teaching and training at Educational institutions
  • Self employment – call centres, BPO, EPO etc.
  • Network installation and maintenance
  • Cyber Cafés

Various Designations for Diploma Holders in Computer Engineering

Wage Employment

  1. Service engineer/customer support engineer/maintenance engineer in installation, maintenance and service of computer systems and networking
  2. Assembly supervisor in manufacturing and production activit
  3. Data entry operator, computer operator, DTP operator, technician
  4. Technical Assistant/junior engineer in quality control and testing activities of computer systems manufacturing
  5. Junior marketing executive/junior sales executive/sales engineer in marketing activities
  6. Junior/senior technical assistant in R&D laboratories and educational institutions to help in maintaining computers and networks
  7. Test engineers in process industry

Self Employment

  1. Small scale unit doing third party service and maintenance of computer systems and networks
  2. Small scale vendor of computer cards, computer peripherals and electronic components and devices
  3. Setting up of computer assembly unit (small scale)
  4. Setting up of training institute for computer assembly maintenance and networking

Job / Activity Profile

  1. Familiarity with computers and peripherals and working
  2. Installing and operating computer systems including software loading
  3. Understanding of various operating systems
  4. Understanding of databases and database management system
  5. Assembling of computers
  6. Preparing layout and environmental specifications for site, supervise the installation and testing of computers systems
  7. Preparing specifications for computer systems and other related equipment
  8. Developing software with proficiency using systematic steps
  9. Testing of hardware and modifying hardware
  10. Understanding of the basic concept of network technology local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN)
  11. Establishing of local area networks
  12. Understanding of system software and uses applications software
  13. Awareness about technological advancements and forthcoming areas of development
  14. Knowledge of current trends in Information Technology
  15. Understanding of Computer Graphics and multimedia applications
  16. Proficient in Desktop Publishing i.e. Works on Page maker, Coral draw and similar software

Staff Profile

Sr. Faculty Name Qualification Exact Designation
1 Er. Sanjay Koul B.Tech I/C HOD
2 Er. Heena Gupta B.E (Computer Engg.),
M.Tech (Comp. Sc. & Engg.)


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Hardware Lab:

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